What bicycle skills should a child have before riding to school?

Key messages for bicyclist safety skills include:
Before riding to school, children first need to have sufficient bicycle handling skills, including the ability to ride in a straight line, ride in a straight line while scanning the situation ahead, behind and to the side, stop quickly using the bicycle's brakes without swerving, falling or colliding with anything, swerve in a controlled manner to avoid a hazard or collision. Knowing how to prepare for a bicycle ride and following the rules of the road are as equally important as knowing having sufficient bicycle handling skills

1. What a child needs to do to prepare for a bicycle ride

  • Dress appropriately
  • Wear a properly fitted helmet.
  • Ride a bicycle that fits.
  • Ride a bicycle that is in good condition.
  • Do not carry anyone else on the bicycle.
  • Do not carry anything in your hands.
  • It is best to ride only in daylight

2. Rules to follow during the bicycle ride.

  • Choose the route with the fewest streets to cross and that avoids busy and high-speed streets.
  • Before entering the street, look for other vehicles
  • Keep paying attention to your surroundings including potholes and parked cars.
  • Watch for vehicles turning into or exiting driveways.
  • Stop at all intersections and check for traffic before crossing.
  • Ride in a straight line.
  • Follow all traffic laws
  • Always check in front and behind for traffic before changing lanes, crossing intersections or turning.
  • If riding on a sidewalk or path, ride slowly and be prepared to stop quickly.

For more detailed information on bicycle safety messages visit the Bicycle safety skills section of the SRTS Guide.

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