Connecting the trip to school with...

Focusing on a safer way to get to school...

Improving children’s safety while walking and bicycling is a central mission of Safe Routes to School. And program benefits stretch beyond the school day.

SRTS resources & activities help communities:

  • Build sidewalks, bicycle paths & pedestrian-friendly infrastructure
  • Reduce speeds in school zones & neighborhoods
  • Address distracted driving among drivers of all ages
  • Educate generations on pedestrian & bicycle safety

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A healthier way to start the day...

Participating in a SRTS program can improve the health of our children & community. That's an encouraging outcome for a lifetime.

Walking, rolling & bicycling to school helps students:

  • Reach the recommended goal of 60 minutes of physical activity every day
  • Arrive at school energized & ready to learn
  • Leave the car behind & reduce dependence on fossil fuels
  • Take an active role in their well-being

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Building relationships and local infrastructure...

The common goal of a safe trip to school brings families, neighbors, school officials & community leaders together. Every child - and community - deserves a safe route to school.

Working toward a safe route to school can help communities:

  • Build a sense of neighborhood
  • Encourage increased parental involvement at school & beyond
  • Promote driving safely in school zones & the larger community
  • Gain economic benefits of improved infrastructure, like sidewalks

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There’s more than one way to get to school...

SRTS activities can be an opportunity to try taking more active trips on foot or bicycle. They can be a family's gateway to transportation choice.

Choosing an active mode of transportation means:

  • Less traffic & a safer route to school
  • Fewer cars & fewer emissions
  • More active & healthier children
  • More active, involved parents

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Walk and Bike to School Days jumpstart SRTS Programs

Safe Routes Toolbox

Visit for a list of DOT contacts in your state.

Collecting and monitoring student travel patterns.

Upcoming and recent PBIC webinars.
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Additional Resources

PBIC's mission has been to improve the quality of life in communities through the increase of safe walking and bicycling as a viable means of transportation and physical activity.

The PBIC website is a great resource for access to state-specific bicycling and walking information, including DOT contacts. Visit for a list of contacts in your state.

The National Center for Safe Routes to School's report Advancing Safe Walking and Bicycling for Youth examines how the Federal Safe Routes to School Program provides a foundation for broader initiatives such as Vision Zero.

This webinar explains how the 20th celebration of Walk to School Day and the principles used in SRTS programs can help to advance safe walking and bicycling for youth and everyone.